Apocalyptic Visions: Aesthetics, Theology, and Catastrophic Climate Change: A Symposium


Location: Reading Room: Jordan Hall of Science

Symposium Poster 3


This one-day interdisciplinary symposium will bring together scholars from disciplines across Notre Dame - including philosophy, theology, English, and the sciences - to discuss the intersection of aesthetics, theology, and catastrophic climate change. The discussions will take Paul Schrader’s film First Reformed as a touchstone, provocation, and common point of reference.


*Rsvp for the symposium and lunch to Kelly Huth, Dept. of English (574) 631-7226 or khuth1@nd.edu

Darcia Narvaez - Chair Laura Walls
Fionagh omson
Jake McGinnis

Ricky Herbst - Chair Justin Bar eld
Jillian Snyder
Ansemla Dolcich-Ashley


Patrick Deneen - Chair
Meghan Sullivan
Joyelle McSweeney
Michael Yankoski Ross Jensen

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