Panel Discussion: The Medium is the Message?


Location: 210-214 McKenna Hall

Panel discussion: The Medium is the Message? Practicing journalism in the age of digital media.  November 7th  3pm, McKenna Hall, followed by a reception


Information technology has transformed the media industry, not only creating new platforms for sharing information but radically shifting patterns of consumption and the practices of news production. What is the impact of these changes on the stories that can be told, and on the journalists who tell them? And what are the implications of these changes for the role of journalism as a profession. Join us for a panel discussion where two practicing journalists working in very different contexts reflect on these issues—Victoria Lomasko, a graphic journalist from Russia; and Victoria St. Martin, a distinguished visiting journalist in the Gallivan Program who specializes in multiplatform journalism, social media, and general assignment reporting.


Victoria Lomasko graduated in 2003 from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts, where she majored in graphic art and book design. She now works as a graphic artist, with a particular focus on graphic reportage. She draws on Russian traditions of reportage drawing (as practiced during the Siege of Leningrad, in the Gulag, and within the military), and has lectured and written about graphic reportage. In her own graphic reportage work, Lomasko explores current Russian society, especially the inner workings of the country's diverse communities and groups, such as Russian Orthodox believers, LGBT activists, underage prostitutes, migrant workers, sex workers, and collective farm workers. As a graphic reportage artist, she has collaborated with both the mass media and human rights organizations, and her work has been exhibited at numerous shows in Russia and abroad. She is also the co-curator of two long-term projects combining art and activism, Our Courtroom Drawings (with Zlata Ponirovska) and Feminist Pencil (with Nadya Plungian). English translations of her work have previously been published on the websites Chtodelat News, The Russian Reader, and n+1, and she has recently been profiled by Tank magazine and The St. Petersburg Times (Russia).


Victoria St. Martin is a distinguished visiting journalist with the Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy at the University of Notre Dame. She is a multimedia journalist at WNIT, Michiana's PBS station. St. Martin came to Notre Dame after a 15-year career as a journalist, most recently as breaking news and general assignment reporter at The Washington Post. She joined The Post’s Local Desk in July 2013 as the American University’s School of Communication Fellow specializing in investigative journalism. Upon earning her master’s degree from American in 2014, she was hired onto The Post’s staff full-time. Before The Post, she spent three years as a reporter at The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J., where she frequently wrote about the environment, health, education, religion and legal issues. She was a frontline member of The Ledger’s coverage team during Superstorm Sandy, she covered the trial of a shooter in a triple-killing at a Newark school yard and landed an interview with a suspect in cold-case quintuple homicide who had not spoken publicly in 35 years (he was later acquitted). She also wrote about her diagnosis, treatment and recovery from a breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 30.

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