Reilly Faculty Fellows Lunch


Location: 109 Pasquerilla

For faculty fellows of the ND Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values.

Join us for a welcome back lunch (provided) and brief reserch presentation by Phil Sloan (PLS, emeritus):

Title: “Metaphors of Life: An Inquiry Into the Mastery of Nature”

Description:  I will discuss my ongoing book project into the
fundamental metaphors governing “life” in the post seventeenth-century
period. My project deals with six central organizing themes or
metaphors that have guided research programs in functional biology,
and the nature of the transformations between them. This is  very much
a “work in progress” and I am currently only working through some key
issues in the eighteenth century which I will  hope (but not promise)
to make available in rough form in a draft chapter.  Some insight into
very different  aspects of where this is going can be seen in my
published papers attached: “How Was Teleology Eliminated in Early
Molecular Biology” and “Molecularizing Chicago: The Rise, Fall, and
Rebirth of the  University of Chicago Biophysics Program." In line
with the Reilly Center Mission, my project aims to interface this
historical inquiry with issues in bioethics.

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