Evan Selinger - The Digital Age Challenge of Being a "Public Intellectual"


Location: 210 DeBartolo Hall


This talk will argue that humanities and social science scholars who do work resembling philosophy of technology should participate more regularly in public discussions by contributing to popular media, including newspapers, magazines, and blogs. It will identify some of the fundamental, ethical, and practical reasons why this should be the case, and also discuss the main institutional, ideological, and skill-based barriers that make this goal hard to accomplish.


Evan Selinger is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he is also the Head of Research Commnunications, Community & Ethics for the Media, Arts, Games, Interaction and Creative (MAGIC) Center. Evan's mani research focuses on issues in the Philosophy and Technology, and he will spend the 2015-2016 academic year as a Senior Fellow at the Future of Privacy Forum.

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