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Tue Dec 3, 2013

Reilly Forum - Woodrow Hartzog. "Confronting Automated Law Enforcement"


Location: Law School, McCartan Courtroom

"Confronting Automated Law Enforcement"

Woodrow Hartzog

Woodrow Hartzog
Assistant Professor
Cumberland School of Law
Samford University

Confronting Automated Law Enforcement

This talk will explore a potential framework for analysis of automated law enforcement systems that includes a conceptualization of automated law enforcement as the process of automating some or all aspects of surveillance, analysis, and enforcement in an iterative feedback loop. The talk will describe the intended and unintended consequences that can result from the automation of any stage in this process and provide a list of issues that must be considered in any automated law enforcement scheme.  Those deploying automated law enforcement schemes should be extremely cautious to ensure that the necessary calculus has been performed and adequate safeguards have been incorporated to minimize the potential for public harm while preserving the benefits of automation.…

Thu Dec 5, 2013

HPS Colloquium - Nahyan Fancy. "Challenging the Galenic Theory of Pulse: Ibn al-Nafis (d. 1288) and His Successors"


Location: Notre Dame Room - LaFortune

Challenging the Galenic Theory of Pulse: Ibn al-Nafis (d. 1288) and His Successors.


It is traditional to assume that medicine in the Islamicate world never moved beyond Galen in the pre-modern world. Scholars have even claimed that challenges to Galenic anatomy, such as Ibn al-Nafis's proposal of the pulmonary transit of blood, were undertaken by Islamicate physicians while adhering firmly to Galenic physiology. Building upon my earlier work, I shall show that key elements of Galenic physiology, such as his understanding of vital faculty and the pulse, were rejected by both Ibn al-Nafis and his successors--the latter were not only very interested in Ibn al-Nafis's anti-Galenic understanding of pulse, but also engaged with it critically.…