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Fri May 3, 2013

HPS Spring Workshop


Location: 131 Decio

History and Philosophy of Science Workshop
Spring 2013
Opening talk 12:30– 1:30 (Brown bag lunch)
Erik Peterson (University of Alabama, HPS alumnus)  “When Did the Influence of the Environment on Evolution Become Heretical (Again)?”
1:30 Coffee Break
1:50 Dan Hicks (post-doc),  “The Two Dimensional Values Gap in the GMOf Controversy”

Brown-bag Lunch with Erik Peterson (University of Alabama, HPS alumnus)


Location: 131 Decio

Join us for a brown-bag lunch talk with Erik Peterson, HPS alumnus, now at University of Alabama. His talk is titled:  “When Did the Influence of the Environment on Evolution Become Heretical (Again)?”

This event is part of a larger HPS Spring Workshop. For more details, see here: http://reilly.nd.edu/news-and-events/events/2013/05/03/16721-hps-workshop/

Fri May 10, 2013

Tue May 14, 2013

Brown Bag talk with Andrew Warwick


Location: 131 Decio Hall


Andrew Warwick Artemesia

Andy Warwick will discuss his new project at a brown bag at noon on May 14th. Please e-mail baron.17@nd.edu for the readings if you plan to attend. His project ‘History … Fiction?’engages a broad public on issues of mid-Victorian science, technology and medicine through the medium of an historical thriller.


Charles Murray’s first adventure

What if?  In the early 1970s Chinese scientists found and developed the anti-malarial power of Artemisia to protect soldiers in the Vietnam War.  But suppose British explorers in China had discovered the plant and its properties more than a century earlier?  Artemisia tells that story through the eyes of Charles Murray, a troubled young scientist struggling to make a living in mid-Victorian London.