Ethics Café – "How Businesses Can Promote Cyber Peace"


Location: O'Shaughnessy Hall 201


Cyber threats are increasingly impacting the bottom lines of firms and spilling over into larger issues of geopolitical importance including international security.  But so far surveys have revealed that few businesses are taking the necessary steps to safeguard their private data and enhance cybersecurity. Given the slow progress of both U.S. Congressional and multilateral cybersecurity policymaking, the time is ripe for a fresh perspective on how firms can help proactively foster cyber peace in a world increasingly being drawn into cyber conflict.

Join Scott Shackelford for a discussion exploring the positive role businesses can play in conflict dynamics.  Shackelford specializes in cybersecurity law and policy, sustainable development, and global commons governance. He is an Assistant Professor of Business Law and Ethics at Indiana University and fall 2013 fellow with the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study.. 

Refreshments will be served. 

All are welcome. Graduate students can register for this professional development event online

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