Brown Bag talk with Andrew Warwick


Location: 131 Decio Hall

Andy Warwick will discuss his new project at a brown bag at noon on May 14th. Please e-mail for the readings if you plan to attend. His project ‘History … Fiction?’engages a broad public on issues of mid-Victorian science, technology and medicine through the medium of an historical thriller.

Andrew Warwick Artemesia


Charles Murray’s first adventure

What if?  In the early 1970s Chinese scientists found and developed the anti-malarial power of Artemisia to protect soldiers in the Vietnam War.  But suppose British explorers in China had discovered the plant and its properties more than a century earlier?  Artemisia tells that story through the eyes of Charles Murray, a troubled young scientist struggling to make a living in mid-Victorian London.

For him the story begins in June 1857 when he travels home to Edinburgh to hear his late father’s will.  He expects nothing more than a small inheritance.  Within hours his world is turned upside down by shocking revelations and two horrific murders in Edinburgh’s Botanic Garden.  Then his brother is arrested for the crimes.

Convinced there’s been a terrible mistake, Charles turns forensic investigator, pitting his courage and skill against the ruthless masters of Britain’s Indian Empire.  The monstrous plot he uncovers threatens his own life and leads him to a terrible dilemma – reveal the truth or save his brother?  His decision will alter the course of British Imperial history.


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