HPS Spring Workshop


Location: 131 Decio

History and Philosophy of Science Workshop
Spring 2013
Opening talk 12:30– 1:30 (Brown bag lunch)
Erik Peterson (University of Alabama, HPS alumnus)  “When Did the Influence of the Environment on Evolution Become Heretical (Again)?”
1:30 Coffee Break
1:50 Dan Hicks (post-doc),  “The Two Dimensional Values Gap in the GMOf Controversy”
2:20 Leandro Guedes (HPS visiting student),  “Ad-Hoc Hypotheses in Astronomy”
2:50 Laura Bland (HPS graduate student),  “The Comet of 1680 in England, Spain, New England, and Peru”
3:20 Coffee Break
3:40 Matthias Egg (HPS visiting scholar),  “The Demand for Causal Explanation and its Alleged Disappearance in Scientific Revolutions”
4:10 Pablo Ruiz de Olano (HPS graduate student), “Telling Symmetries Apart: Locality and SpaceTime Structure in Yang-Mills Theories”
4:40 Coffee Break
5:00 Richard Oosterhoff (HPS graduate student), “Authorship and Method in Renaissance Mathematics: The Fabrist Case”
5:30 Monica Solomon (HPS graduate student) , “Newton's Mathematical Time Remains Hidden in Plain Sight.”
6:30 HPS faculty and students get-together @Legends

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