Eric Schliesser - Hume, Smith, and the Posidonian Argument


Location: 131 Decio

Eric Schliesser from University of Ghent, Belgium, will be visiting the Notre Dame campus on Feb 4th - 6th as a part of the HPS Speakers Series.

On Tuesday, February 5th, you are invited to join us for a brown bag lunch talk in 131 Decio, starting at 12.30pm. 

The title of his talk is “Hume, Smith, and the Posidonian Argument”.

Abstract: In this paper I explore the after-life of a once famous Design argument transmitted by Cicero in the work of Samuel Clarke, Hume, and Adam Smith. I offer two interpretations of this argument. I do so not to re-open any debates about the truth of intelligent design, nor about Hume’s arguments against design arguments, nor about the afterlife of this argument in discussions of Paley’s watch. Rather, I explain how at one point during the eighteenth century aftermath of Newton’s Principia, science itself was not perceived as a neutral means toward establishing or denying design in nature, but rather that science was thought to presuppose intelligent design.

Please meet our guest and join us for discussions. If you wish to find out more about Eric's wide range of interests please visit his webpage at University of Ghent:

He's also highly active on a now well-known blog in the philosophy community:

We are very happy to have dr Schliesser as our guest. Please make use of this excelllent opportunity!


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