HPS Reading Group


Location: 131 Decio (if not available- find us in Malloy 107)

First session of the HPS Reading Group.  Enjoy reading the introduction and first chapter of   Michael Gordin, The Pseudoscience Wars: Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2012).

For your curiosity:

Hasok Chang, “Pluralism in Science: A Call to Action,” Is Water H2O? Evidence, Pluralism and Realism (New York: Springer, 2012): 253-70.

Michael Gordin, “Separating the Pseudo from Science,” The Chronicle of Higher Education (17 Sep 2012).
Or Steve Shapin's review in London Book Reviews: http://www.lrb.co.uk/v34/n21/steven-shapin/catastrophism
To get to know the author better, the following interviews are helpful: the one conducted by Dan Nexon  and a very recent one by Carla Napi, both from the New Books in Science, Technology and Society website.

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