HPS Writing Essays Workshop


Location: 400 Geddes Hall

 Writing Essays in History, Philosophy, and HPS
Anjan Chakravartty & Tom Stapleford
Wed, Oct 24th, 4.15pm-6.00pm
400 Geddes Hall

History and Philosophy of Science programs are interdisciplinary. Generally, however, one is first trained in a particular discipline: graduate students typically enter HPS programs with prior degrees in history, or philosophy, or science, or some other field. Often, this leads to feelings of concern (sometimes, terror :) about writing an essay in a graduate course in a discipline in which one has little or no prior training. In this session, we will outline what is expected of essays in history, philosophy, and HPS, and offer some concrete suggestions and techniques for finding a suitable topic, doing appropriate research, and writing and editing essays. No preparation is required and there will be time for discussion, so bring your questions!

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