Jameson Wetmore. “Facilitating Reflection on Nanotechnology and Society”


Location: 110 Stinson-Remick Hall

“Facilitating Reflection on Nanotechnology and Society”

Jameson Wetmore, Center for Nanotechnology and Society, ASU

“Since its founding in 2005, I have worked with the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University. Through that experience I have had the opportunity to study a broad number of issues including: the ways that nanotechnologists think about the future, the relationship between nanotechnology and religion, the development of new regulations based on scale, and the equity implications of emerging technologies. These issues are important not only to scholars, but to citizens as well. To make better decisions about our collective future, we need a public that is able to reflect on the important new advances in science and technology.  Understanding technical details can sometimes be important, but the ability to see the ways in which science and technology are integrated into and affect our daily lives is crucial. My work, therefore, has recently focused on developing techniques for helping the public better understand some of the basic research being done on the social aspects and implications of nanotechnology and perhaps get public input on the direction of future research.  This presentation will use one of the recent products of the collaboration to explore the ways in which issues of nanotechnology and society can be brought to a public audience for reflection.”

This talk is being hosted by NDnano and the Program of Liberal Studies. 

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