Michael Marcus. "Electrical Engineering Meets Public Policy"


Location: 136 DeBartolo Hall

Michael Marcus
"Electrical Engineering Meets Public Policy: Spectrum Policy Decisions at the FCC"
Sponsored by the Wireless Institute

Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 11am

Coffee & light snacks at 10:30am.

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This talk will discuss the role of spectrum policy deliberations in facilitating the introduction of new wireless technology and services. For better or for worse, spectrum policy deliberations have just as much impact on wireless systems as Maxwell's Equations. A key difference is that spectrum policy evolves, although with a multiyear time constant. The talk will review basics of spectrum policy deliberations in the US, how the FCC laid the foundations for Wi-Fi and other modern unlicensed systems in the early 1980s (in which the speaker played a key role), and more recent controversies such as the ongoing struggle between GPS interests and the proposed LightSquared cellular system in the adjacent band. The focus will be on how engineers can contribute to these deliberations and help in the search for win-win solutions to spectrum conflicts so spectrum use is maximized with the resulting contribution to economic growth and society.

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