HPS Reading Group meetings


Location: 119 O'Shag

Background reading:

D. Lindberg, The Beginnings of Western Science, Ch. 8-9

J. Ragep, The Beginnings of Western Science (Book review)

Week 1:

J. Ragep, Tradition, Transmission and Transformation (Preface + Introduction)

A. I. Sabra, The Appropriation and Subsequent Naturalization of Greek Science in Medieval Islam: A Preliminary Statement

Week 2:

J. P. Hogendijk, Transmission, Transformation, and Originality: The relation of Arabic to Greek Geometry

Week 3:

A. Dhanani, Kalam Atoms and Epicurean Minimal Parts

Week 4:

D. King, Science in the Service of Religion (“Science in the Service of Islam” + “Kibla”)**to be confirmed

Week 5:

W. Newman, The Occult and the Manifest Among the Alchemists

Week 6:

D. Gutas, What Was There for the Latins to Receive?

Week 7:

J. Ragep, Copernicus and his Predecessors

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