International Society for Military Ethics 2014 Conference
"The Ethical Dimensions of Civil War"

October 12-15, 2014
University of Notre Dame


Keynote Address: “A Moral Analysis of the US Civil War,” Kit Wellman, Washington University.

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Sun 12 October

19:00-21:00 Opening Reception– cash bar and registration packet pick-up
Location: McKenna Hall Lobby

Mon 13 October

0800:  ISME Registration

0845:  Welcome and Overview of Program, Don Howard
Location: McKenna Hall Auditorium

0900:  Keynote Address:  Kit Wellman, “A Moral Analysis of the US Civil War”
Location: McKenna Hall Auditorium

1015:  Break

1030-1700: Concurrent sessions


Session 1: Author Meets Critics
Chair: Don Howard
- Michael Gross, "The Ethics of Insurgency" (See his latest book here.)
Respondents: George Lucas,Valerie Morkevicius, David Whetham
Location: McKenna Hall Auditorium

Session 2: Issues of Rebellion and Intervention
Chair: Dave Barnes
- Jordy Rochelau on the Relative Justice of Internal Rebellion Over Foreign Intervention
- Michael Kocsis on Civil Wars and Cosmopolitanism
Location: 112-114 McKenna Hall 

Session 3: From Cold War to Total War
Chair: Duncan Purves
- Magdalena Revue on the “Turnaround” of 1989-1990 Germany
- Douglas Jordan on Total War and Rebuilding
Location: 106 McKenna Hall 

1200:  Lunch break (no host)


Session 4: Jus ad Bellum and State Legitimacy
Chair: Pauline Kaurin
- Martin Cook on Why We Have a Moral Stake in (some) Sovereign States
- Kimberly Hudson on the Duty of Non-Intervention
Location: 100-104 McKenna Hall 

Session 5: Theoretical Issues in JWT
Chair: Randy Dipert
- Stehen Kershnar on An Axiomatic Theory of Just Warfare
- Ryan Jenkins and Duncan Purves on The Criterion of Right Intention and the Ends of War
Location: 112-114 McKenna Hall 

Session 6: Issues of Jus ad Bellum for Civil Wars
- Valerie Morkevicius on A Theory of Just Rebellion
- James Pittman on Jus in Bello Reflections and the American Civil War
Location: 106 McKenna Hall

1500:  Break


Session 7: Contractors and Profiteers
Chair: Steve Kershnar
- Dave Barnes on the Evolution of Private Security in Civil Wars and New Wars
- Saba Bazargan on the Liability of War-Profiteers
Location: 100-104 McKenna Hall 

Session 8: Secession and Justification
- Crystal Allen-Gunasekera on Secession and Just Cause
- Danny Weltman on Civil War, Regime Change, and Self-Determination

1700-1830:  Break

1830-2030:  Annual ISME Banquet (for registered guests)
Location: Hesburgh Room, Morris Inn

Tues 14 October

1000:  Refreshments in McKenna Hall Lobby

1030-1700:  Concurrent Sessions


Session 9: Interventions
Chair: Jordy Rochelau
- David Chan on Civil War Crimes and the Myth of Limited Intervention
- Gerard Powers on the Ethics of Intervention
Location: 112-114 McKenna Hall

Session 10: Combat Trauma and Moral Injury
Chair: Dave Barnes
- Ann Jeschke on Comparing Civil War and Contemporary Concepts of Combat Trauma
- Marc LiVecche on Killing and the Moral Experience of War
Location: 106 McKenna Hall 

Session 11: Author Meets Critics
Chair: Robert Latiff
John Lango, "The Ethics of Armed Conflict"
Respondents: Pauline Kaurin, Harry van der Linden, and George Lucas
Location: 100-104 McKenna Hall 

1200-1330:  Lunch break (no host)


Session 12: The US Civil War in Just War Theory
- Kevin Schieman on Lincoln, Abolition, and the Victory of Realism in the American Civil War
- Randy Dipert on W.T. Sherman: Ethical Issues of Guerillas, Insurgents, and Reprisals in the Civil War, and in the Indian Wars
Location 100-104 McKenna Hall 

Session 13: Cultural Considerations
Chair: George Lucas
- Davida Kellogg on The Persistence of Religious and Ethnic Prejudices
- Thomas Elsner and Antonia Oesterle on Intercultural Competence and the Ethics of Interference
Location: 112-114 McKenna Hall 

1500-1530:  Break

1530-1600:  ISME Business Meeting (Don Howard)
Location: 106 McKenna Hall 

1600-1730:  Concluding ISME Sessions

Session 14: Senior Officer Ethics and PMEE
Chair: Martin Cook
- Charles Allen on Ethics and the Senior Military Officer
- Tom Gibbons on Moral/Ethical/Honor Implications from a Modern View
- Tim Leone on Identity Implications of Gender Integration in Combat Arms
Location: 100-104 McKenna Hall 

Session 17: Historical Figures
Chair: Richard Schoonhoven
- Paul Medeiros on Alcott and Thoreau on the US Civil War
- Timothy Mallard on A Case Study in Strategic Leadership: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, 1927-1945
Location: 112-114 McKenna Hall 

1800:  No-Host Dinner

Wed 16 October

1230:  George Lucas 
"When Robots Rule the Waves"
Location: 220 Pasquerilla Center

General Information:

Visitors can park in all designated visitors lots. The visitor lot closest to the McKenna Conference Center is on the south side of campus, across Eddy Street from the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.

Social Media:
The Reilly Center will be tweeting parts of the conference from the handle @NDReillyCenter. The Twitter hashtag for the conference will be #isme14