Notice of Grants in Aid for student travel and lodging to the conference, “The Collaboration Conundrum: Special Interests and Scientific Research,” November 5-6, 2015, University of Notre Dame

The History and Philosophy of Science Program at the University of Notre Dame offers grants in aid to cover reasonable travel and lodging costs for selected advanced undergraduate students to attend the upcoming conference, “The Collaboration Conundrum: Special Interests and Scientific Research.”

We aim to support students who either aim to attend, or are seriously considering, graduate school in the areas of history of science and/or history and philosophy of science. We hope that witnessing and interacting with diverse scholars from history and philosophy of science as they grapple with perplexing issues around this important topic will help the awardees get a better sense of what it means to be a scholar in these research areas.

Students should send a brief, 200-400 word statement describing their interests in history, sociology, philosophy of science, and/or science-technology-studies, and outlining any studies already undertaken in these areas. They should name (and include the email of) the faculty member(s) who will write in support of their application.

Students should ask at least one faculty member write a brief statement attesting to the student’s interest in history of science and/or related areas, and indicating the qualities that make the student a good candidate for graduate studies. This statement need not be a long or formal letter of recommendation, though we hope for guidance that will help us decide whether to bring this student to the conference.

Students and faculty members should email their materials (PDF, or WORD format) to Edward Jurkowitz,, with the phrase, “Grant in aid material,” in the subject line. Applications are Due Oct. 13th. Decisions will be made by Oct. 16th

We foresee bringing three promising undergraduates to the conference.

More information on the conference may be found here: