William Koolage

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Eastern Michigan University

"Chemical action: the need to determine whether nanoparticles work 'chemically' or 'physically'"

Professor Koolage specializes in general philosophy of science. His current work focuses on two related issues – confirmation/justification of scientific claims and the realism-instrumentalism debate in philosophy of science. Most of his work focuses on biology, geology, psychology, and some “pseudo sciences”. More generally, he is interested in epistemology (especially as it relates to science), meta-ethics, and philosophy of mind (primarily, cognitive systems and consciousness).

He enjoys collaborative work a great deal. He is currently involved on projects in the epistemology of climate change skepticism and the nature of the drug-device distinction in FDA law. He also spent a year at University of British Columbia as a postdoctoral fellow where he taught classes for the integrative Cognitive Systems program.