Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of South Carolina

 "Regulating and Defining Nanomaterials: Ethical and Social Issues"

Kevin Elliott received his Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Notre Dame in 2004, after completing undergraduate majors in chemistry and philosophy. He taught for several years at Louisiana State University before moving to the University of South Carolina, where he is presently an Associate Professor of Philosophy. His scholarship examines environmental research from both philosophy-of-science and practical-ethics perspectives, examining the role of values in policy-relevant science, strategies for developing public policy under uncertainty, and reasoning strategies for examining novel or poorly understood phenomena. He is the author of Is a Little Pollution Good for You? Incorporating Societal Values in Environmental Research (Oxford University Press, forthcoming), as well as articles in journals like Philosophy of Science, Cell, History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, Human and Experimental Toxicology, Accountability in Research, Ethics, Place, & Environment, Science and Engineering Ethics, and Environmental Ethics.