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2016 Conference Schedule

Registration materials and continental breakfast will be available starting at 8:30am

Sunday (October 2, 2016)

McKenna Auditorium

9:00 – 10:30am Conference Welcome and Plenary Panel

Session Chair:  J. Kourany, Notre Dame Philosophy Department, Gender Studies Program, and Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values

Reimagining Sex/Gender in Sport with Feminist Science and Transgender Politics

- Hyperandrogenicity as the New Genital Parade: Policing Women in Sport, and the Role of a Feminist Scientist Expert Witness (S. van Anders)

- The Fairest of Them All: Super Women, Experts, and Sex Difference in the Court of Arbitration for Sport (M. Pape)

- When Science Met Justice: On the Ethics of Gendered Eligibility Policies in Sport (C. Wells)

10:30 – 11:00am Break

11-12:30 Concurrent Sessions

Room 112-114

Challenging Epistemic Injustice and Building Inclusive Science

Session Chair: J. Collett

 - Gender Microaggressions in Clinical Medicine:  A Feminist Critique of Beauchamp and Childress’ Principle of Non-Maleficence (L. Freeman, H. Stewart)

 - Does This Study Make Me Look Fat? A Critical Examination of BMI Categories, Research, and Public Perception of Weight (C. Womack, D. Hicks)

 - Philosophers Behaving Badly: The Systemic Failures of “Experimental
Philosophy” (M. A. Hunter)

Room 100-104

Latin American Science and Technology Studies: Feminist Decolonial Issues

Session Chair: M. Dean

- Reinventing Positivism? Latin American and U.S. Women’s Movements (S. Harding)

- Science and Memory in Post-Pinochet Chile (E. Medina)

- Doubly Disadvantaged: The Recruitment of Diverse Subjects for Clinical Trials in Latin America (M. Fernandez Pinto)

- Anthropophagic Networks: the role of the “artist class” in Brazilian technology transfer and the myth of use-neutrality (B. Choi)

Room 210-214

Interrogating Epistemological, Methodological, and Theoretical Binaries

Session Chair: E. Levine

 - Epistemologies of Naming (M. Larrabe)

 - Gender Minorities and Feminist Epistemology: Why Discussions of Gender Should Privilege the Voices of Trans and Non-binary Individuals (B. McIlroy-Young)

 - Not Feminist, Not Queer: A Reparative Ethics for Theorizing Trans* (C. Evans)

12:30 – 2:00pm Lunch

McKenna Dining Room – Lower Level of McKenna Hall Conference Center

2-3:30 Concurrent Sessions

Room 112-114

Broadening Discourses for Inclusive Learning Across Disciplines

Session Chair: T. Bowell

 - Adversarial Argumentation and Diversity in Science (P. Rooney)

 - A Case for STEM Macroethics Education (K. Eggleson)

 - Beyond the Adversary Paradigm: Argument Repair (C. Hundleby)

Room 100-104

Building Trust: Reparative Justice, Community Engagement and Epistemic Agency

Session Chair: H. Grasswick

- After Epistemic Injustice…Epistemic Repair? Margaret Urban Walker, Reparative Justice, and the Intersection of Feminist Ethics and Epistemology (B. Almassi)

- Taking it to the Streets: Transcending Privilege, Positionality, and Personhood Through Community Engagement (D. Heller, T. Russ)

 - Epistemic Agency, Relational Autonomy, and the Value of Knowledge and Belief (A. Edidin)

Room 210-214

Feminist Methods across Disciplines

Session Chair: E. Medina

 - Experimental Philosophy and Feminist Epistemology: Conflicting or Complementary Methodologies? (A. Huminski)

 - Towards a Feminist Computational Social Science (A. Hoffmann)

 - Ecological Thinking and Ethico-onto-epistemologies: Reconfiguring Knowledge Making, Subjectivities, Narratives and ‘Vexed Questions’ of Testimony (A. Doucet)

3:30 – 4:00pm Break

4:00-5:30 Concurrent Sessions

Room 112-114

Working Across Borders: Explorations in Literature, Instruments, and Sexuation

Session Chair: N. McHugh

- Creating a New World: Rhetoric and Technē in Feminist Science Fiction (K. Waninger)

- The Radical Politics of Quantum Temporalities (C. Sand)

Room 100-104

Challenging Assumptions: Value Driven Epistemology, Microaggressions, and Language

Session Chair:  S. Crasnow

 - What are Microaggressions?: How Philosophical Analysis Can Support Social Scientific Research (N. Liebow)

 - Ability, Disability and the Ethics of Everyday Knowledge Practice (E. Bingeman)

 - Against Logical Tolerance: On The Limits of Conceptual Ethics (D. Anderson)

Room 210-214

Engaging Across Differences

Session Chair:  L. Woomer

 - Lurking, Ignorance, and Ontological Expansiveness: A Virtue Epistemology for the Internet (K. Frost-Arnold)

 - World-Travelling, Double Consciousness, and Laughter (C. Kramer)

 - In Defense of Empathy as Self-Knowledge (M. Linker)

5:30 – 7:00pm Reception

McKenna Atrium

Monday (October 3, 2016)

McKenna Auditorium

9-10:30 Keynote Address: Gender, Race, and Dangerous Mothers in the Old and New Bioscience

Dorothy Roberts, the George A. Weiss University Professor of Law and Sociology and the Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander Professor of Civil Rights, University of Pennsylvania.

Session Chair: V. Root, Notre Dame Law School

10:30 – 11:00am Break

11-12:30 Concurrent Sessions

Room 112-114

Workshop: Resources for Indigenizing Education: Personal, Political, Scholarly (C. Murphy, C. Hundleby, A. Yap)

Session Chair: C. Murphy

Room 210-214

Panel: The Brain’s Body: What Difference Does the Body Make?

Session Chair: H. Shattuck-Heidorn

-The Paradoxes of Feminist Materialisms (V. Pitts-Taylor)

-The variability of plasticity (R. Bluhm)

-Handedness and Difference (T. Cornel)

Room 100-104

Epistemology of Ignorance and Science

Session Chair: A. Trott

 - Active Ignorance and Defenses of Biological Race Science (N. Berenstain)

 - Locating the Problem of Sexual Violence: Definitions, Survey Design, and Sampling Strategies in Quantitative Research (E. Levine)

 - If Diversity Is Epistemically Beneficial, to Whom Is It Beneficial? (K. Rolin)

12:30 – 2:00pm Lunch and FEMMSS Business Meeting

Morris Inn Ballroom

2-3:30 Concurrent Sessions

Room 100-104

Feminist Epistemology in Action

Session Chair: L. Ashe

 - Feminist Standpoint Theory: Tensions, Integrations, and Extensions (S. Crasnow)

 - Gender, Eugenics, and Population Control (C. McCann)

 - Why Materialists Should Be Feminists (P. Droege)

Room 112-14

Responsible Knowers: Challenging Epistemic Injustice

Session Chair: A. Doucet

 - Gatekeepers and “Deceivers”: Doubt, Denial, and Epistemic Injustice Towards Trans Patients in the Clinic (H. Stewart)

 - Epistemic Responsibility in a Social World of Knowing (H. Grasswick)

 - The Epistemic Costs of Bias and Systems (Non-)Evaluation (L. Davidson)

Room 210-214

Thinking With or Against Others

Session Chair: C. Hundleby

 - Knowing with Philosophers (G. Pohlhaus Jr.)

 - Believing Survivors and Belief in Survivors (C. Herbert)

 - Changing the World One Premise at a Time: The Challenge of Deeply Held Beliefs (T. Bowell)

3:30 – 4:00pm Break

4-5:30 Concurrent Sessions

Room 112-114

Panel: On Diversity in Physics and Why It’s Still Lacking

Session Chair: V. Pronskikh

- The Physics Pipeline from K-12 to Tenure (M. Kilburn)

- Overlooked Genius: Perspectives from Teaching Physics at the Westville Correctional Facility (L. Phillips)

- LGBT Climate in Physics (R. Barthelemy)

Room 100-104

Critiquing Evaluative Frameworks: Mental Health and Eating

Session Chair: R. Bluhm

 - How ‘Effectiveness’ Hinders Mental Illness Care and Policy (S. Hawthorne, D. Chalifoux)

 - What’s a Good Eater? Toward a Better Account of Eaters as Agents (M. Dean)

Room 210-214

Perspectives on Sexuality: Reframing Histories, Medicalization and Stereotypes

Session Chair: F. Fazeli

 - Toward a Queer History of Autism Science: A Case Study of Ivar Lovaas (M. Gibson, P. Douglas)

 - Medicalization, Resistance, and Metaphysical Constraints (B. DeCoster)

 - Pleasure Politics and the Subversive Power of Black Female Sexuality (S. Pavlos)

6:00 – 8:00pm Banquet Dinner

Morris Inn Ballroom

Tuesday (October 4, 2016)

McKenna Auditorium

9-10:30 Plenary Session 2

Session Chair: C. Hundleby

- Ending Life: Incarceration, Health, and Epistemic Injustice (N. McHugh)

10:30 – 11:00am Break

11-12:30 Concurrent Sessions

Room 210-214

Feminist Discourse and Practice in Science

Session Chair: L. Meynell

 - Overcoming Epistemologies of Ignorance: The Virtues of Justice and the Ideal of Communality (E. Dumler-Winckler, E. Ratti)

 - Classic and Contemporary Feminist Critique: Values, Practices, and Metaphysical Assumptions in the Biological Sciences (S. Weaver, C. Fehr)

 - The Emerging Disciplines of Synthetic Biology and Genome Editing: Questions from a Feminist Molecular Biologist (C. Lostroh)

Room 112-114

Testimonial Injustice, Persons, and Anger

Session Chair: G. Pohlhaus

 - On Anger and Epistemic Injustice (A. Bailey)

 - Self-Determination in Plenitude (I. Steen)

 - ‘Let Me Hear Your Body Talk’ – Testimony and the Politics of Black Female Respectability (T. Henning)

Room 100-104

Examples to Promote Justice: Research Practices and Peace Building Policies

Session Chair: M. Fernandez Pinto

 - Human Biology Research and Ethical, Feminist Methodology: A Reflection on a Dissertation (H. Shattuck-Heidorn)

 - Integration through Separation: Improving the Cantonment Process for Female Ex-Combatants in Africa (E. Maiden)

12:30 – 2:00pm Lunch

Morris Inn Ballroom

2-3:30 Concurrent Sessions


Panel: Researching Across and Living With Differences: Interrogating Positionalities and Anthropological Knowledge Production

Session Chair: M. Sarma

- Sleeping on Sheep Skin: Navigating Anthropological Knowledge Production as Scholar and Other (A. Cortez)

- Black, Human, Other, Woman: Exploring Intersections of Race, Gender, and the Production of Knowledge in Anthropology (I. D’Shaun)

- What Does Collaboration Look Like in Research? (M. Rokhideh)

Room 210-214

Panel: Feminist Critique of Sexual Selection and Image/Example Selection in Textbooks

Session Chair: L. Fuselier

- A Timeline of Alternatives to the Classic View of Sexual Selection (J.K. Jackson and L. Fuselier)

- Fruit Flies to Phalaropes: Textbook Examples and Scientific Knowledge Production (P. Easton, L. Fuselier, J.K. Jackson, and R. Stoiko)

- Picturing Sexual Selection (L. Fuselier, P. Easton, J.K. Jackson, and R. Stoiko)

Room 100-104

Values, Equity and Access in Science

Session Chair: K. Eggleson

 - Feminist Values as Evidence in Science (S. Clough)

 - The Entering Wedge: Sarah Frances Whiting and Physics at Wellesley College (B. Whitten)

 - Epistemic Equity in Scientific Collaborations: The Case for Megascience (V. Pronskikh)

3:30 – 4:00pm Break

4-5:30 Concurrent Sessions

Room 210-214

Intersectionality: Competent Hearers, Conceptions of Difference, and Mass Incarceration

Session Chair: P. Douglas

 - “Hold Space for the Community”: Lessons in Testimonial (In)Competence from Chicago Activists (L. Woomer)

 - Crossing Boundaries: An Intersectional, Cross-Disciplinary Solution to Essentialism in Standpoint Theory (V. Lamont)

 - U.S. Justice System, Incarceration, and the Structural Disenfranchisement of Women of Intersectional Identities (A. Richardson)

Room 112-114

Thinking and Talking about the World: Individual Researchers and Research Fields

Session Chair: M. Pape

 - On The Fringes Of Anthropology: Zora Neale Hurston, ‘Native’ Anthropologist (C. Woggon)

 - The Case of DB13-1 765: Seeing Non-Binary Genders in Bioarchaeological Samples (R. Gibson)

Room 100-104

Beyond Binaries in Feminist Science Practice

Session Chair: S. Clough

 - Experimental Thinking Outside the (Male/Female) Boxes: Theoretical and Practical Complexities of Addressing Sex/Gender in Basic Biomedical Research (S. Ritz)

 - “It Was Affirming in Some Ways and Challenging in Others”: Balancing Validation, Education, and Data Collection in a Qualitative Study with Gender and Sexual Minorities (E. Dibble, Z. Schudson, S. van Anders)

 - Sexual Configurations Theory as a Feminist Successor Science (L. Meynell)