Day One

Welcome from the Reilly Center (Gerald McKenny)

Greetings from the Pontifical Council for Culture 

Conference Overview (Philip Sloan) 
Keynote Address (Francisco Ayala): "Darwin's Revolution: From Natural Theology to Natural Selection"

Kenneth Miller : "Darwin, God, and Design: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul"

Day Two

Welcoming Remarks (Gregory Crawford)

Michael Lynch: "Evolution by Nonadaptive Means"

Alessandro Minelli: "The Evolvability of Organic Forms: Possible, Likely, and Unlikely Change From the Perspective of Evolutionary Developmental Biology"

Simon Conway Morris: "Nine Evolutionary Myths: The Closing of the Darwinian Mind"


Bernard Wood: "The Origin(s) of Modern Humans"

Robert Richards: "All That Is Most Beautiful: Darwin's Theory of Morality and its Normative Validity"

Sandra D. Mitchell: "Evolution and the Mechanisms of Complexity"

Gennaro Auletta: "Teleonomic and Teleologic Causation in Phylogeny and Ontogeny"

Paul Griffiths: "Are Evolutionary Explanations of Religion Debunking Explanations?"


Panel Discussion

Józef Zycinski: "Evolutionary Theism and the Emergent Universe"

Day Three

Celia Dean-Drummond: "Beyond Separation or Synthesis: Christ and Evolution as Theodrama"

William Carroll: "After Darwin, Aquinas: A Universe Creating and Evolving"

Jean Gayon: "Evolution Beyond Darwinism"  
Peter Bowler: "Imagining a World Without Darwin"