Archbishop of Lublin, Poland

Paper "Evolutionary Theism and the Emergent Universe" 

 Jozef M. Zycinski is professor of philosophy at the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland and Archbishop of Lublin. He is the author of 40 books in philosophy of science, relativistic cosmology, and teh history of the relationship between the natural sciences and Christian faith. Main Books: The Structure of the Metascientific Revolution, Tucson, Az 1987; Three Cultures: Science, the Humanities and Christian Thought, Tucson, Az 1989; Theism and Analytic Philosophy, Cracow 1983 - 1986; God of Postmodernists, RW KUL: Lublin 2001; God and Evolution. Fundamental Questions of Christian Evolutionism, The Catholic University of America Press: Washington, DC 2006; The Emergent Universe, Lublin 2009. He has published more than 300 papers, which have appeared in journals such as Zygon; British Journal for the Philosophy of Science; The Review of Metaphysics; Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture; Philosophy in Science, Journal of Clinical Neuroscience