Professor of Zoology, University of Padova

Paper: "The evolvability of organic forms" 

Alessandro Minelli is professor of Zoology at the University of Padova, Italy. Following long years of research in biological systematics and phylogenetics, he later moved the focus of his activity towards evolutionary developmental biology, the subject of his recent monographs The Development of Animal Form (Cambridge U.P. 2003), Perspectives in Animal Phylogeny and Evolution (Oxford U.P. 2009), and Forms of Becoming (Princeton U.P. 2009). Founding member and former vice-president of the European Society of Evolutionary Biology, and Honorary Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, Minelli is editor of the Journal of Systematic Zoology and Evolutionary Research and member of the editorial board of Evolution & Development, Theory in Biosciences and Frontiers in Zoology.