Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne)

Paper: "Evolution and Evolutionism Beyond Darwinism" 

    Jean Gayon was born in 1949. Trained in philosophy and biology in Paris, he has been successively Professor at the University of Dijon, at Paris 7 University, and Paris 1 University, where he is member of the Institute for History and Philosophy of Science and Technique (since 2001). A specialist of history and philosophy of biology, he has published 15 personal or collective books and around 200 articles or chapters in collective books, mainly on evolutionary biology, genetics and biometry, general philosophy of science, and social and ethical problems raised by the life sciences.
    In 1994, he was appointed senior member of Institut Universitaire de France. Other distinctions: Grammaticakis-Neuman Prize of Philosophy of Science (Paris Academy of Science, 2002); member of the German National Academy of Science (formerly “Leopoldina Academy, 2002); Corresponding member of the International Academy of History of Science (2006); member of the International Academy of Philosophy of Science (2007).
    His main publications are: Darwinism’s Struggle for Survival (Cambridge UP, 1998); 1900: Redécouverte des lois de Mendel (ed. in coll. with F. Gros, M. Morange, M. Veuille, Ac. Sci. Paris, 2000); L’épistémologie française 1830-1970 (ed. in coll. With M. Bitbol); L’éternel retour de l’eugénisme (ed. in coll. with D. Jacobi, Paris, PUF, 2006); Conceptions de la science: Hier, aujourd’hui et demain. Hommage à Marjorie Grene (ed. in coll. with R. M. Burian, Bruxelles, Ousia, 2007).