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The History and Philsophy of Science Program at the University of Notre Dame will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its PhD program on September 26-27, 2014. 

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Conference Schedule

Events will take place on the second floor of McKenna Hall, rooms 210-214 (unless otherwise noted).


12pm             Lunch for those travelling from out of town

1:00-1:30      Collect nametags

1:30-1:45      Opening remarks: Katherine Brading

1:45-3:15      Faculty recollections of ND HPS: Mike Crowe, Phil Sloan, Vaughn McKim

3:15-3:45      Tea/coffee

3:45-4:15      Alum research presentation: Dan McKaughn
                     “Beyond the Neuro-Hype:  Interpretive Transparency and Expert Opinion”

4:15-4:45      Alum research presentation: Kevin Elliott
                     “Industry-Funded Environmental Research: Can We Have Our Cake and Eat it Too?”

4:45-5:15      Tea/coffee

5:15-5:45      ND HPS and beyond: Darrin Belousek
                     “Alt-Ac Post-Doc: An Alternative Academic Career”

5:45-6:30      ND HPS and beyndL Alisa Bokulich
                     "Three lessons I learned at ND and took to BU"

7:00pm          Dinner
                      Location: McKenna Hall, Lower Level

Remembrance of Jack Reilly
Recognition of past directors


9:00-10:15     Alum recollections: Kelly Hamilton, Tim Shanahan, and Mike Shank

10:15-10:45   Tea/coffee

10:45-12:00   HPS outside the academy: Marv Bolt and Orv Butler

12:00-2:00     Lunch
                      Location: 202 McKenna Hall

2:00-2:30       Alum research presentation: Teasel Muir-Harmony

2:30-3:30       Doing HPS: Lynn Joy and Chris Hamlin
                      Lynn Joy: “Disrupting Pluralism: Where do academic professions go after pluralism?”
                      Chris Hamlin: “Lived HPS”

3:30-4:00       Tea/coffee

4:00-5:00       ND HPS and beyond: Elise Crull and Erik Peterson
                      "What to expect when you’re expecting (a tenure track faculty position)"

5:00-5:30       Tea/coffee

5:30-6:15       HPS past and future: Don Howard

7:00pm          Dinner
                      Location: The Mark, in Eddy Street Commons