Individuals concurrently enrolled in other doctoral programs of the University may seek to earn a non-research HPS master's degree in order to complement their doctoral studies.

The non-research HPS M.A. degree requires the completion of 36 hours of coursework. Students may count up to nine hours of coursework toward both degree programs, subject to approval by the director of HPS, and the director of graduate studies in the other program.

There is flexibility in which courses are taken and the HPS program director will work to make courses fit a student's needs. To be eligible for HPS credit, these courses must bear in significant ways on the concerns of history and philosophy of science.

Requirements for the HPS M.A. degree may be completed at any time during the student's graduate career. For more information, please contact Assistant Director for Education Anna Geltzer at 

Requirements for the non-research degree

(1) Course selections must be approved by the HPS director, and will typically include at least 2 courses in philosophy of science and 2 courses in history of science. at least one of these must be chosen from our core courses:

In addition to history of science and philosophy of science courses, other possibilities include science courses and directed readings with HPS faculty members.

(2) 2 semesters of HPS Colloquium (1 credit hour per semester)

(3) Reading knowledge of one foreign language, where appropriate.

(4) a one-hour oral exam based on coursework, where appropriate.

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