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Spring 2022

Courses marked (H) satisfy the HPS History of Science requirement; those marked (P) satisfy the HPS Philosophy of Science requirement. (H1, H2, P1, P2) are HPS core courses, which also satisfy the corresponding History or Philosophy of Science requirement. (S) courses satisfy the Social Studies of Science core requirement, as well asĀ eitherĀ a History of Science or Philosophy of Science requirement.

HPS 63205 (H)
Topics in Medieval Art: Art and Science in the Middle Ages
M. Hauknes

HPS 60040 (H)
Ancient and Medieval Theories of Self
W. M. Stock and G. Reydams-Schils

HPS 60135 (H)
Religion, Technics, and Human Development
E. Moosa

HPS 60196 (S)
Theories of Media and Technology
R. S. Dhaliwal

HPS 65000 (H)
History of Race & Racism in Science
I. Kola

HPS 80043 (H)
Topics in Ancient and Late-Antique Natural Philosophy
R. Goulding

HPS 93375 (H)
War, Society, and the State
I. Johnson

HPS 93801 (P)
Modeling Social Believers
H. Rubin

HPS 93812 (P2)
History of Philosophy of Science from the Scientific Revolution to 1900
D. Howard

HPS 93821 (P)
Science and Social Values
J. Kourany

HPS 78599
Thesis Direction

HPS 78600
Nonresident Thesis Research

HPS 83100