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Fall 2020

HPS 60039
Medieval Demonology
Wiebke-Marie Stock

HPS 60582
Graduate Seminar (GLOBES)
Anna Geltzer

HPS 60688
Plagues, Pandemics, and Politics
Eileen Botting

HPS 83000
Historian's Craft
Margaret Meserve
Nikhil Menon Shivram

HPS 83801
Philosophy of Science (P1)
Don Howard

HPS 90271
(Un)Natural World in Medieval Literature
Christopher Abram

HPS 93636
Experience and Experiment in Medieval and Early Modern Science and Medicine
Evan Ragland

HPS 93772
The Politics of Science (S)
Philip Mirowski

HPS 93838
The Science-Gender Connection
Janet Kourany

HPS 93894
Philosophy of Cosmology
Feraz Azhar

HPS 93895
Pluralism, Modeling, & Idealization
Nic Teh

HPS 93985
Topics: Philosophy of Physics