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Fall 2021

HPS 60036
Neoplatonism's Medieval Forms
W. Stock

HPS 60404
Religion, Technics, Human Development
E. Moosa

HPS 60582
Graduate Seminar (GLOBES)

HPS 78599
Thesis Direction
R. Goulding 

HPS 78600
Nonresident Thesis Research
R. Goulding

HPS 83000
Historian's Craft: The Historian's Craft
N. Shivram 

HPS 83100
R. Goulding

HPS 83601
History Science Technology, Med to 1750 (H1)
E. Ragland 

HPS 83801
Philosophy of Science (P1)
D. Howard

HPS 90798
Postcolonial Anthropocene 
R. Scranton

HPS 93772
The Politics of Science (S)
P. Mirowski

HPS 93874
Interpretations and applications of probability in physical science
F. Azhar
H. Brown

HPS 96697
Directed Readings

HPS 98699
Research and Dissertation 
R. Goulding

HPS 98700
Nonresident Dissertation Resesrch 
R. Goulding