What is the GLOBES Certificate in Environment and Society?

The GLOBES certificate is an interdisciplinary training program designed to complement and enhance a graduate or professional student's research and education by integrating skill sets, methodologies, and knowledge from working in a secondary field of interest. It also involves leadership, communications, and policy training to explore key environmental challenges from different perspectives. The certificate recognizes a student's ability to extend research in new directions, integrate new skills and knowledge, and become an effective communicator across disciplines. Certification shows potential employers and collaborators about the special capacity of GLOBES students.

How do students join the GLOBES program?

Fill out the one page Globes Certificate Application Form. It requires the signature of the student's major advisor along with a brief personal statement that describes how the student's interests and background intersect with the interdisciplinary approach and environmental themes of GLOBESAttach a CV and email the documents to Anna Geltzer.

Can students receive credit for coursework and training modules already taken?

Yes, students may receive certificate credit for coursework and modules that are part of the approved GLOBES curriculum. Completed coursework should be submitted as part of the application.

What resources are available to students?

Students who are actively pursuing a GLOBES Certificate are eligible to apply for mini-grant awards of up to $2,500 to support interdisciplinary research projects/practicums. See GLOBES Mini-Grant Award Guidelines

What is the role of the interdisciplinary advisor?

Students choose an interdisciplinary faculty advisor from outside their primary field of study to assist in the development of an interdisciplinary research project. This advisor may mentor students in the selection of coursework, seminars, and outside readings in a secondary field of interest. The selection of an advisor should occur before the beginning of the fourth year of study. The interdisciplinary advisor also writes a letter of endorsement that supports the interdisciplinary merit of the GLOBES project and the work effort of the student, at the time of the dissertation defense. See GLOBES_advisor_guidelines.pdf

What do I receive for successful completion of requirements?

GLOBES will track student progress in fulfilling the certificate program requirements and issue a certificate following the student's successful completion of graduate degree requirements from the home department. The certificate helps to distinguish a student's CV and provides tangible evidence of the ability to work collaboratively across disciplines.

Who can I contact for more information?

Anna Geltzer, Assistant Director of Education for the Reilly Center, or GLOBES Director Amy Hixon can answer general questions about the program. They can also put you in touch with a GLOBES faculty advisor. The GLOBES office is located in The Reilly Center, Rm 442 of Geddes Hall. Send an email to Anna Geltzer or Amy Hixon.