Here's what students say about their GLOBES training:


"The experience working across disciplinary boundaries has helped me not only to obtain an excellent post-graduate placement, but I also feel well prepared to succeed in that placement."

Adam Bee (PhD 2011), Cohort 1, now employed as an economist with the U.S. Census Bureau


"For me, the GLOBES program was the cornerstone of my graduate education and experience at Notre Dame...The training in interdisciplinary science has prepared me well for my current position as a post-doctoral researcher in Denmark, especially my ease in crossing traditional boundaries within academia."

Peter Levi (PhD 2012), Cohort 1, post-doctoral researcher at Aarhus University, Denmark


"I was able to explore and train in areas otherwise neglected or overlooked in traditional biology graduate studies...GLOBES allowed me to explore a variety of interests that ultimately improved my dissertation work and overall understanding of the intricacies and complexities of disease biology, public health, and health policies."

Becky Miller (PhD 2012), Cohort 1, post-doctoral researcher at the National Institutes of Health


"I have highlighted my involvement with the GLOBES program in all of my recent job application materials...As a GLOBES fellow, I have learned how to think about my research from multiple perspectives, collaborate across disciplines, and communicate my research to broad audiences."

Ashley Baldridge (PhD 2013), Cohort 2, post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment


"The interdisciplinary chapter requirement led to another incredible opportunity for me. To fulfill the requirement, I applied for and was granted an award to produce an economic-environmental history and 50-year forecast for the Great Lakes basin. The project culminated in a workshop involving many high-profile policymakers and resource managers...While at the podium, defending my work and fielding questions from these highly influential individuals, I was VERY thankful for the policy and communications training that I had received through GLOBES."

Matt Cooper, Cohort 4, doctoral candidate, Department of Biological Sciences


"Through GLOBES, I have had the pleasure and the honor of working with many colleagues I would not otherwise have met, since they are not in my core discipline. My discussions with ecologists, historians, biochemists, and members of several other fields have helped me see my own work in new ways."

Becca Love, Cohort 6, PhD student, Department of Biological Sciences


"The training and framework for interdisciplinary studies provided by GLOBES has made my research more effective – in time, in scope, and in dissemination."

Sheri Sanders, Cohort 5, PhD student, Department of Biological Sciences