The Life in Physics - Delphi was given to the Reilly Center in 2012 by our benefactor Jack Reilly, who had commissioned an image to speak to the mission and engagements of the Center.
The piece was created by Notre Dame artist Jean Dibble as part of her project, The Life in Physics.

© 2012 The Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values All Rights Reserved
© 2012 The John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values. All Rights Reserved.

"What struck me about the site at Delphi was the amazing landscape there. It is an immense visual experience when you are up near the large temple…and look out on the landscape and…get a feeling of intense spiritual location - that what you’re looking at is as meaningful as the temple and what it represented.

So when I decided to use that photograph for the Reilly Center, it was important for me that we be able to see the landscape as well as part of the temple and then weave the particular diagram that I used, which has to do with the projection of two dimensions into three dimensions, and sort of suggests the fourth dimension, so that it became an edifice like the temple, sited in the landscape and deep in meaning."

- Jean Dibble