The Reilly Center promotes education as the home to several programs for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Notre Dame.

Also see Ethics Ed.

Undergraduate Programs 

Arts and Letters/Engineering Dual-Degree Program

The Dual Degree program in Arts and Letters / Engineering is a distinctive five-year program in which students receive a Bachelor of Arts from the College of Arts and Letters and a Bachelor of Science from the College of Engineering. 

Science, Technology, and Values 

Science, Technology, and Values (STV) is an undergraduate minor that offers students the opportunity to acquire a multifaceted understanding of science and technology, so that students acquire the tools they need to confront the complex questions that arise where science and society intersect. 

Graduate Programs 

History and Philosophy of Science 

History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) is a prestigious doctoral program that enrolls students seeking a Ph.D. as well as accepts Notre Dame graduate students seeking a concurrent master’s or graduate minor degree to augment  the Ph.D. from the home department. Direct your questions about HPS to Robert Goulding

GLOBES, an interdiscplinary graduate program in environment and society

The GLOBES Graduate Certificate in Environment and Society enhances interdisciplinarity to produce novel solutions to vexing environmental problems and equips graduate students with the skills for addressing these challenges by engaging various stakeholders including diverse publics and policymakers. 

The Reilly Center contributes to other educational initiatives on campus. 

Science, Ethics and Responsibilities: A Notre Dame Pre-College Summer Leadership Seminar

The Reilly Center runs a Summer Leadership Seminar through ND’s Pre-College Programs office on Science, Ethics, and Responsibility, taught by Jessica Baron and Don Howard. This intensive, 10-day course aims to help students form a thoughtful appraisal of the impact of these technologies on society and human experience and reconcile innovations in science and technology with our responsibility to seek health, prosperity, and dignity for all on a sustainable basis. Science, Ethics and Responsibilities gives roughly 40 high-school juniors an enriching educational experience and serves as a recruiting tool for Notre Dame, especially among underrepresented and minority populations. 

Social Responsibilities of Researchers

Social Responsibilities of Researchers (SRR) is a graduate training program in ethics and leadership enrolling Notre Dame graduate students during their first and second years of the Ph.D. The program is a part-time commitment lasting one year. For questions about the SRR program, email Mark Bourgeois.

Ethics Training for Undergraduate Students

Since 2006 the Reilly Center has provided ethics training to undergraduate students spending 10-weeks of their summer performing research on the Notre Dame campus. The students are part of physics professor Umesh Garg’s NSF-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates program (NSF-REU award #1062819). Professor Garg's NSF-REU targets undergraduate students with plans to attend graduate school in physics and who don’t have access to research facilities at their colleges. The Reilly Center offers ethics seminars covering both responsible conduct of research in the laboratory and citizen responsibilities of scientists.