Associate Professor of Philosophy
Director, History and Philosophy of Science Graduate Program

Katherine Brading

B.Sc., King’s College London, 1992
B.Phil, University of Oxford, 1996
D.Phil, University of Oxford, 2002

Areas of Expertise: Philosophy of physics and philosophy of science, including symmetries, structuralism, space-time theory, and seventeenth-century cosmology

(co-editor) Symmetries in Physics: Philosophical Reflections (2003)

Recent Articles:

  • 2015. "Physically locating the present: a case of reading physics as a contribution to philosophy," Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, 50, 13-19. (view paper)

  • 2013b. "Three principles of unity in Newton," Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 44, pp. 408-415. (view paper)

  • 2013a. "Presentism as an empirical hypothesis," Philosophy of Science 80, pp. 1101–1111.

  • 2012c. "Underdetermination as a path to ontic structural realism," with Alex Skiles, in E. Landry and D. Rickles (ed.), Structure, Object, and Causality: Proceedings of the Banff Workshop on Structural Realism. University of Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science, Springer, pp. 99-116. (view paper)

  • 2012b. "Newton’s law-constitutive approach to bodies: a response to Descartes," in Interpreting Newton: critical essays, ed. A. Janiak & E. Schliesser, Cambridge University Press.

  • 2012a. "'Hilbert’s Axiomatic Method and his 'Foundations of Physics': Reconciling Causality with the Axiom of General Invariance," with T. A. Ryckman, in Einstein and the Changing Worldviews of Physics, Einstein Studies Vol 12, Ch. 8, pp. 175-199.

  • 2011b. "Structuralist approaches to physics: objects, models and modality," Boston Studies in Philosophy of Science, ed. Alisa and Peter Bokulich, pp.43-65.

  • 2011a. "On composite systems: Descartes, Newton, and the law-constitutive approach," in Vanishing Matter and the Laws of Nature: Descartes and Beyond, ed. Dana Jalobeanu and Peter Anstey, Studies in Seventeenth-Century Philosophy, Routledge, pp. 130-152.

  • 2010. "Autonomous patterns and scientific realism," Philosophy of Science 77, pp. 827-839. (view paper)

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