Central to the mission of the Reilly Center is promoting scholarly and public engagement with the ethical, legal, social, and policy implications of science and technology.

We promote education and discussion through outreach to the Notre Dame community, scholars and scientists around the world, policy makers, journalists, and an engaged and aware citizenry.

Prominent among our current outreach efforts are:

Community Events - The Reilly Center has sponsored events at local schools, churches, and elsewhere in the community. We have been a major sponsor of the Northern Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair, the Good Shepherd Montessori School's Middle School Sustainability Conference, the Comet Festival Art Show, the South Bend Science Cafe, and more. If you are planning an event with a science and ethics/values component in the Michiana area and would like the ask about Reilly Center sponsorship, you can contact Jessica Baron at baron.17@nd.edu with questions. 

The Reilly Center's Annual List of Emerging Ethical Dilemmas and Policy Issues in Science and Technology - The list is designed for scientists and laypeople alike to consider in the coming months and years, as new technologies develop. We will feature one of these issues on our website every month, giving readers more information, questions to ask, and resources to consult. A new list will be released each December. See the 2015 list here

The Reilly Center Newsletter - The Center newsletter, highlighting the accomplishments of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni/ae, will be delivered to our listservs each Fall, Spring, and Summer. To view the Summer 2015 newsletter, click here (this will take you off site). 

Ethics Cafés - Cafés seek to encourage conversation, debate, and interaction among faculty, students and staff at Notre Dame and provide a space to learn about ethical issues pertaining to responsible conduct of research, professional conduct, engagement with the public, and other worldly matters. (Co-sponsored by the ND Graduate School and Office of Research.)

The Reilly Center Forum - An inter- and multidisciplinary space in which scholars inside and outside of the Reilly Center and the Notre Dame communities can showcase their work in the legal, ethical, social, and policy implications of scientific research and learn about the research of others.

Studies in Science and the Humanities - The Reilly Center book series with the Univerisity of Notre Dame Press.

The Reilly Center Reports - The RCR is an electronic journal that consists of short essays on public issues related to developments in science and technology and is aimed at journalists, policy makers and advisors, educators, religious leaders, and others who shape the public reception of science and technology. (The RCR is currently on hiatus.)









The Reilly Center also hosts numerous events for the campus and community:

Jessica Hellmann Reilly Forum

To view our upcoming events, click here.

Click here to view upcoming conferences or here for the conference archive.

If you have a question about outreach at the center or want to contact us with requests or other opportunities, please e-mail Jessica Baron, Outreach and Communications Coordinator, at baron.17@nd.edu.



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