Upcoming events

Positive Research Ethics Workshop
March 3-4, 2017
Innovation Park

The workshop aims to get together a group of scholars to articulate a process and a research agenda for fostering a positive research integrity culture that focuses less on procedural compliance and more on model behaviors and equipping scientists and engineers with knowledge, skills and a positive viewpoint that encourages good ethical choices. 
The following research questions will be tackled:

The ethics workshop is by invitation only. Please contact baron.17@nd.edu with questions. 

Data Security Conference
February 24, 2017
University of Notre Dame Law School

Modern technology enables the collection and use of many types of data for a wide range of purposes. Many of those uses are enormously beneficial. But the era of big data comes with substantial risks to privacy, particularly as data breaches proliferate. Sound data security policy requires more than technological fixes; it requires well-designed law and policy. Unfortunately, the law of data security is nascent and scattered. This conference will focus on legal and ethical issues in data security, with a particular focus on institutional design and regulatory strategy.

Conference: The Quest for Consonance: Theology and the Natural Sciences
April 2-5, 2017
University of Notre Dame
McKenna Hall

This international interdisciplinary conference represents a step forward in the movement towards more interactions between theology, philosophy, history, and science. Leading scholars from all four disciplines from around the world will come together to “seek consonance” among the fields and among each other, using as a common touchpoint the idea that there is more that holds us together than breaks us apart. 

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