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Teresa Baumer GLOBES Student

Teresa Baumer
Certificate 2015  Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences Advisor: Amy Hixon
Research: Heavy metal transport and the nuclear fuel cycle, public perception of nuclear policy


Ka'sha Bernard
Certificate 2015  J.D. Candidate  Advisor: Bruce Huber
Research: Environmental justice and toxic tort, sustainability efforts in energy and food production



Nicholas Bonneau
IGERT Cohort 6: Fall 2011  Department of History  Advisor: Chris Hamlin
Research: Historical interpretation of transatlantic infectious disease


GLOBES Fellow Lainey Bristow

Lainey Bristow
Certificate 2015  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor: Jessica Hellmann
Research: Climate change endangerment and conservation management of butterfly systems


GLOBES Fellow Matt Clark

Matthew P. Clark
Certificate 2016  J.D. Candidate  Advisor: Bruce Huber
Research:  Legal Advocacy and Management of Energy Sustainability



Whitney Conard
Certificate 2015  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor: Gary Lamberti
Research: Invasive species impact on Great Lakes aquatic communities, natural resource management


Sal Curasi GLOBES Student

Salvatore Curasi
Certificate 2015  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor: Adrian Rocha
Research: Linkages between arctic ecosystems and climate change, interface between research and public policy

GLOBES Fellow Mauna Dasari

Mauna Dasari
Certificate 2015  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor: Adrian Rocha
Research: Relationship of the gut microbiome and behavior in yellow baboons and its application to wildlife conservation and outreach

Raven F Fruscalzo GLOBES Student

Raven Forrest Fruscalzo
Certificate 2015  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor: Zain Syed
Research: Disease vector neurophysiology and military science applications




Erik John Fuhrer GLOBES Student

Erik-John Fuhrer
Certificate 2015  Department of English  Advisor:  Susan Harris
Research: Environmental humanities and multispecies interactions within Modernist literature


Daniel Howard GLOBES Fellow

Daniel Howard
Certificate 2015  Department of Applied & Computational Mathematics & Statistics
Research: Applied mathematics and computational modeling of physical phenomena; sustainability, climate change, and energy production


GLOBES Fellow Mae Kilker

Mae Kilker
Certificate: Fall 2014  Department of Medieval Studies  Advisor: Christopher Abram
Research: Anglo-Saxon literature, environmental history and wetland restoration
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Hillary Krill GLOBES student

Hillary Krill
Certificate 2015  J.D. candidate  Advisor Bruce Huber
Research: Scientific and engineering aspects of sustainable energy; environmental justice concerns


GLOBES Fellow Diana La Torre

Diana La Torre
Certificate: Fall 2014  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor: David Boone
Research: Inflammatory bowel disease and public health policy


Robert Lee GLOBES student

Robert D. Lee
Certificate 2015 J.D. Candidate Advisor: Bruce Huber
Research: Policy and management of freshwater systems in the U.S.



Rachel (Becca) Love
IGERT Cohort 6: Fall 2011  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor: Nora Besansky
Research: Molecular biology and ecology of malaria mosquito


Citterbart, Kerri GLOBES Fellow

Kerri Citterbart Martin
IGERT Cohort 5: Fall 2010  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor: Gary Belovsky
Research: Bird nest predation and grassland ecology


GLOBES Fellow Michelle Ngai

Michelle Ngai
Certificate: Fall 2014  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor:  Mary Ann McDowell
Research: Infectious disease epidemiology and global health policy


GLOBES Fellow Rachel Oidtman

Rachel Oidtman
Certificate 2015  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor: Alex Perkins
Research: Population ecology and mathematical modeling of vector borne diseases in relation to global climate change; vector borne disease burden and policy implications


GLOBES Fellow Katherine O'Reilly

Katherine O'Reilly
Certificate 2015  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor: Gary Lamberti
Research: Sport fish as linkages between Great Lakes coastal wetlands and lake food webs; integration of citizen science programs

Luke Sadergaski GLOBES student

Luke Sadergaski
Certificate 2015  Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences  Advisor: Amy Hixon
Research:  Nuclear waste storage and reprocessing techniques; freshwater system management


GLOBES Fellow Quirine ten Bosch

Quirine ten Bosch
Certificate: Fall 2014  Department of Biological Sciences  Advisor: Alex Perkins
Research: Epidemiology, population ecology, mathematical modeling, control of neglected tropical diseases and vector-borne diseases
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